Book Design (Coming Soon)


Book Design (Coming soon)

Designer | Book Design, Archival Research, History 


Created a photo book about the Greek Orthodox community of Istanbul. The book explores the history of the ethno cultural group within the 20th century and its presence through their historic, commercial, social and cultural heritage. The book aims to provide a historical platform to understand the past, the present and future of the community. 


Research & Ideation

During my archival research process, I was able to collect roughly 1,207 artifacts (which included photographs, century old newspapers, objects, official documents and so forth) of which I only used 150 within the book. Some examples are seen below. I also wrote the text used within the book which was a total of 10,000 words.


360 Gallery Exhibition

The book was selected and displayed at Northeastern's University 360 Gallery as part of the Senior Show Exhibition for the College of Art, Media and Design in May 2018.